Discover the Exact, Step-by-Step Plan to Become a Physician Assis/ociate

Are you ready to achieve success?

Does the thought of trying to figure out what a PA is, what they do, and how to become one make you feel overloaded? Let me know if this sounds familiar...

😁 You're so excited to learn more about the PA profession

🧐 You spend countless hours perusing various websites and joining pre-PA groups to learn all you can

😳 You realize there is a lot to learn and you desperately try to make order of all the notes you took

🤯 Overload sets in, you lose confidence, and you feel like your back to square one... questioning where and how to get started... 

It's so common to feel this way. I see you, and I do not want to see uber passionate, honest, and talented pre-PA students struggle when it comes to pursuing their dream to become a PA.

And that's why I'm so excited to let you in on my courses which will smooth this entire process for you. Here's exactly how the courses unfold:

✅  In my FREE 'How to Become a Physician Assistant: The 7 Essential Things You Must Know...,' you'll learn everything you need to know about the profession

✅ If you decide PA is right for you, 'Kickstart Your Way to Physician Assis/ociate School' will strategically guide you through your EXACT next steps to ensure you are a highly competitive applicant. If you want live coaching, review/editing services & more, check out 'Catapult to Physician Assistant School: A 30-Day System & Coaching Program' package options.

If your concerned that you can not figure out how to become a PA alone, my courses will give you the comprehensive guidance you need.

I'm confident they will ease your overload and ensure you are a competitive applicant. If you don't agree, then you'll receive your entire investment back. No questions asked. 

Abandon your dream of becoming a PA, for the actual reality of it. Our patients need you!

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I Want To Learn All About the Physician Assis/ociate Job

To decide if this is the right path for me!

I Know I Want To Be A Physician Assis/ociate

And I am ready to prepare my competitive application now!

What My Mentees are Saying

“The experiences I have gained from shadowing Ms. Hines were very confirming to me and helped me make decisions that profoundly impacted my career choices, as I am now 100% certain that I will be pursuing a health field. Being able to see daily responsibilities and patient/provider interactions was super insightful and allowed for me to identify how fulfilling this career would be for me.”

Thu Dinh, Pre-Health

“As an undergraduate student, I had the opportunity to shadow Katy, and this experience solidified my desire to become a Physician Assistant. Katy is an exceptional PA who is dedicated to her patients and profession. She is an outstanding leader, mentor, and role model. I currently practice as a Dermatology Physician Assistant, and I thank Katy for introducing me to the PA profession and encouraging me to be the best provider that I can be.”

Kaleigh, Physician Assistant

“Katy was a very influential person in helping me to find my niche in healthcare. She quickly caught onto my interest in healthcare and abundantly encouraged me to shadow with her. I enjoyed the process and am proud to say that I am an MD today!”

Jeff, Doctor

“I loved this course. I wish I saw this information when I first wanted to pursue the PA route. The course was extremely informative, the videos were short and straight to the point, and the content is very easy to read and navigate.”

Lexi, Pre-PA student

“I had the opportunity to meet the course creator at John Hopkins. She was so kind to offer this course and to me it was perfect timing as I am starting to feel overwhelmed about applying.”

Samantha, Medical Scribe, Pre-PA

“Holy cow! Thank you so much for an incredible and informative course! I think the videos you’ve shared and the quality of the content you’ve produced is outstanding. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I can see the time and effort you’ve put into developing these videos and it really shows. All of us in this inaugural cohort have so much to be grateful for in your wisdom and insight.”

Jordan, Pre-PA

“For anyone who may be considering taking the “Catapult to PA school: A 4-week system and coaching program” by Katy Hines, I highly recommend it. Mrs. Hines experience speaks for itself. This 4 week system will not only gives you insight on all the aspects of the application process but it will also prepare you to apply when that time comes. The program gives you the tools needed to be a successful applicant and Mrs. Hines gives you encouragement and many pearls of wisdom along the way. You will learn about the CASPA applications and all it’s parts, personal statements, interviews and so much more. She is dedicated to the success of the students and will be your biggest motivator from start to finish of the program. I learned a lot that I will take with me as I move forward in the process of applying to PA school in the very near future. I am extremely thankful for her insight and help. She has put together a great program that you should definitely consider being apart of. It will definitely help you to become a competitive applicant.”

Shanta', Pre-Pa

“I love your personality and energy. You’re warm, friendly, and engaging. Don’t be afraid to be a hard ass, a little accountability can nudge us in the right direction”

Jordan, Pre-PA